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She Haunts
GMM (August ^th,1964 / Denver Colorado)

She Haunts

I dread the silence
that unsheathes the night,
honing the blade
with which
she engraves her name,
deeply embossing
the memory of her pain
upon the flesh
that has banished her essence.

Her sharp sorrow carves a void
where youthful pursuits
once dwelled
and the woman that I am now
lies possessed
by the fleeting spirit
of the girl I once had been.

Her hollow eyes
beg for forgiveness
for the pain she's instilled.
Ailing hands stroke insecurities,
groping for the cure
acceptance would bring,
yet never arrives.

As she slowly suffocates,
choking on blatant disregard,
I am thankful for the tears
that blind my eyes,
saving me from witnessing
the murder of her innocence,
once again...
Even I refuse to love
the girl I once was.

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