She Is

Poem By Beatrice Preti

She is the lantern, lighting the way
She is dawn's blush, the first light of day
She is the strength carved into a stone
She is the warmth that runs through my bones
She is an angel, a goddess, a star
She is the tune ringing in from afar
She is the arrow flying straight from the bow
She is the bravest of people I know
She is a window with light on both sides
She is the moon, and governs the tides
She is a lens bringing the world into sight
When everything seems wrong, she's always right
She is too perfect to be like any other
What more can I say? She is my mother!

Comments about She Is

This is tremendously touching And enormously filled with admiration, love and emotion I admire this mother who can have such words written about her She sounds, maybe 'perfect'? What a wonderful gift this poem is from a loving daughter, to her mother Poetry may not be able to move mountains But it sure can touch the heart in so many wonderful ways.

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