She Is A Woman..

Don't hold her tight
For she will explode..
Not too loose
For she will fly..
Love her gently
And she will love you back
I conclude...

Her tears are shallow
She cries watching
Can't hold her tears
reading touching stories...
Ask her 'why are you crying? '
She will say 'nothing'
They don't know
She heaves the emotion from an empty hole..

She is compassionate
She offers her shoulder to cry on
Her open arms as comfort zone
Everything's gonna be alright -her line-
Pretending she is strong
But deep inside
She cries, she moans..

She is Prim and Proper..
She makes sure everything is in order..
But don't mess up w/her file and disorder
Gather all of your faults -
she remembers
Anger bursts like a shattered volts.

She is loving and caring
And she takes nothing-
in return.
She bumps
sometimes a dumb...
She is strong
But she is vulnerable
weak and fragile..
She needs a MAN who stands by her.
To love her...
To laugh with, to talk with...
Who believes in her will
Her source of strength..
Her behalf..

by Ging Taping

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Hi Ging This is a perfect description of a woman, I love the 1st Stanza, and last line there I conclude brings the picture of a women giving a man a tip how to love a woman and the 4th Stanza is more of a warning. Gather all your faults.. She remembers.. +10
You have perfectly define a woman who is as fragile as a rose and yet as string as steel in this poem...10+++++
maybe you mean mellow-dramas = dramas which are mellow, but i'd use melodramas; i checked the spelling. :) i don't know why it is spelled that way. i wish this were shorter so i 'could' use it in my/our June showcase. i really like it. i'd offer my man-strength, but i'm married : (. behalf.............maybe you are referring to one's better half? ? bet·ter half noun informal noun: better half; plural noun: better halves a person's wife, husband, or partner. bri :) to MyPoemList if it is not yet there.
SO MANY COMMENTS! i don't know if i have one among them. overall, i like it. so, it is now very clear to all why living with a woman, whether one is another woman or a man, can be tough on both! i should know: 4 wives! at least they were ONE AT A TIME! men, OF COURSE, are perfect beings and will bother no one. ha ha. bri :)
A beautiful poem in that a woman is defining a woman, a well deserved selection as members' poem of the day, congrats.
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