She Is Afraid, He Is Tired..

Poem By James McLain

She is he,
and he is She.
The two,
now lost, loves heart.
And bright,
the yellow sun.

You once we're two,
as one,
and ran around the world.
Inside both heads.

He fell inside loves fire.
And she,
his red heart pumping burned

Both fires,
burned ice cold hot.
Within Her,
light did give us form.

Over shadows love,
swept out black coals.

Your smile, twin lips.
He kissed, both miss.

His face, from that.
Bright coals, still hiss.

Now alone again,
he walks into.

loving great full moon.

Comments about She Is Afraid, He Is Tired..

Just love it. A masterpiece of great creatively
A great poem! My pleasure reading this magnificent piece of work time and again!
all your poems are unique and different, poetic style and new feeling covering your language and images, that is the the meaning of creativity, look like you live poetic life too, congratulation and wish you all the best..10/10 from me...regards
Nicely written piece and your wording was great. I enjoyed this..! ! hey i'm write as well so please check my site 2 :)
Over shadows love, swept out black coals. Your smile, twin lips. He kissed, both miss.........//// it's beautiful poem// FAV one also

3,7 out of 5
43 total ratings

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Wherever you are..
It is..there..
and now you're afraid..
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