She Is All A Creature Divine

Fresh from my oven,
it's another bread of life.
Thanks I'm your chosen,
though I'm still without a wife.

I will share you a sweet story
In lucid lines about a lady;
Whom I met in church,
and for her, my heart do lurch.

Her stepping is graceful like the goose's,
And wherever she turns, my eye goes.
Like honey, does taste her voice,
and all these and more, made her my choice.

She serves as an usher,
for which I grew a lateness ulcer;
Just for her to serve me a seat,
that from her's counted three feet.

'She is all a creature divine.
How do I make this mystery mine? '
My mind silently ponder,
while my eyes tread her body, bereft blunder.

So I made an oath to tell
That my heart has by her love been fell:
'Milady, I'm the principality and power,
whom has let you been without a lover'.

And she smiled in a sublime tone,
that suggested she was now my own;
"You sure like being ushered like a king,
and observed not my marriage ring"

David O. Olusanya

by David Olusanya

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