She Is All That! (Long Measure - Slightly Altered)

The way she walks… the way she moves,
Her grooves… her curves – she's a fairy.
She’s seamless with suspense – sexy,
And she loves only one, love me!

She unmasks me, she holds tightly,
She un-shields hearts – she’s corrosive.
Hurt’s years she wipes away- brand new
She holds in love that’s explosive.

Like a breath I want to need her,
-Craving for her is abounding-.
I sleep in her, I live in her:
Lips, hips, thoughts, heart – she’s outstanding!

A lily on the lake of life,
The thrill of a surprise kiss,
Recurring first time pleasures are
Sacred in her natural bliss.

Like rain in a heart’s desert land,
She fills and her I want to pool.
To store to have her for all time,
I need –want: ‘gladly I'm her fool.’

Fool in love for two forevers
- A happy fool, a jolly fool,
Who is anxious to learn from her,
The simple things like love's best tool:

Like patience, caring and sharing
-In such virtues she is prudent-.
Ringing sweet bells of fortuned love,
I bask, - gladly I’m her student.

A student of the ancient arts
Of love with her soul ungirding,
To teach, to please, to give, to take
Until love begins unwinding.

Crystal glass shatters with pieces
Smooth as her in all her pureness.
And I relax in her arms
Thanking God - She is his sureness.

A perfect smile fills full my face,
Such that love I don’t wish to hide.
For all time is too short for love,
And in her’s I wish to abide.

Copyright © 2009 Leslie Alexis

by Leslie Alexis

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