She Is Always Beautiful

I saw her colors I remember her perfumes
Printed flowers of her exposing costumes
In the pleasant winds of the early springs
When my eyes had two naughty wings!
Exposed in the summer I saw her appeal
Imagined that she managed to conceal!
I see her and that what she is not showing
Smile to see her in the cold breeze blowing
A cap, coats, overcoats partly concealing her
But beauty is smiling, smartly revealing her
What the men are? A naughty write of a woman!
She creates, recreates, updates and makes a man.
Weathers change but she is always beautiful
Whether concealed or exposed she can lull
She can make me sleeping, dreaming in a day
Helpless! Being same old Adam, made of clay!

by Akhtar Jawad

Comments (6)

Yes, she is always beautiful and I am alway handsome, isn't it, sir? Great and true written, Our Women are always beautiful and we, men are always handsome, thanks for sharing the poem with us,10
Romantic and superb write with inspired lines and thanks for sharing!
You have a way on this subject that no one else can match. this poem was a pleasure to read. Thank you sir.
Yet another fantastic poem, Loved it Janab.
A beautiful poem on beauty of women, but your poetic eyes are also amazing.
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