Angel Eyes

These beautiful eyes of yours
seem to call me near

Wherever I may be going
they draw me till here

The essence of your love
teases me every moment
It gives me life's fragrance
to the flowers, their scent

These eyes are mirrors of the heart
they are now coloured, in your hue
They rise, awakening, from your dream
they lower when they think of you

These eyes in their gentle shade
often let me go to sleep
They show me how you've hidden
My picture in your heart so deep.

by Vishnu Sampoorn

Comments (6)

Yes, she is always beautiful and I am alway handsome, isn't it, sir? Great and true written, Our Women are always beautiful and we, men are always handsome, thanks for sharing the poem with us,10
Romantic and superb write with inspired lines and thanks for sharing!
You have a way on this subject that no one else can match. this poem was a pleasure to read. Thank you sir.
Yet another fantastic poem, Loved it Janab.
A beautiful poem on beauty of women, but your poetic eyes are also amazing.
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