She Is Everything


She is harmless but poisonous than snake
So little but quakes than earthquake
So cold but hot than pepper
So hot but cold than winter
So lovely but dangerous than fire

In the midst of peace she brings confusion
In the midst of confusion she brings peace
Through her, enemies are put together
Through her, friends are put asunder

If she controls you
You can never control her
If you control her
She can never control you

She is among all the smallest
But rules the biggest
If you want to know her look no further
For she is right here in you
With your mouth opened,
She is sleeps gently
The TONGUE is she


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The tongue which forms spoken words is capable of effecting all the things you enumerated. A well articulated and nicely penned piece, written with insight. A powerful message to all. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.