LS (7-15-88 / Bellingham, WA)

She Is Forever Out Of My Reach...

A photo of her wedding in my hand.
Parrot Bay in the other, makes a switch.
An arranged marriage to this asian man.
I'm so bitter for he is so rich.

I don't have money but I do have love.
Her parents only accepted the cash
While I was aside with a shove.
To tell her how i felt, the truth be stashed.

Her parents used to look at me and frown.
I lost her to a man she never met.
I regret not telling her, too late now.
There's nothing I can do, her life is set.

Now, I am but a memory to her.
I am not angry with her parents though.
They only want the best for thier daughter.
To see her again, I will never know.

Written 6-5-05

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