She Is One Hell Of A Woman

She is one hell of a woman, this gal of mine,
she is one hell of a woman, I've loved her for a very long time,
she caught my eye when I met her, early in the fall,
we started running together, and we really had a ball,
we would go dancing nightly, dancing the night away,
I took her home about sunrise, nearly every day,
then something happened, just what it was I don't know,
but she called me early one morning, said that she had to go,
she moved out of the city, went to a state far away,
she called to tell me she got there, just where she didn't say,
not a word ever trickled to me, about why she had gone,
I worried and wondered forever, wanting her to come home,
the years passed on by and still I don't know why she had to go,
no I never married another, because I still love her so,
then one night as I sat at home, I heard the ring of my phone,
I picked up my receiver, and heard a voice from the past,
my knees started to tremble, my heart started racing so fast,
I heard the voice of my true love, saying at last she was home,
she asked if I would come meet her, at a place we went long ago,
my heart just wanted to greet her, because it still loved her so,
I went to the place she had mentioned, a place so easily found
my heart skipped a beat when I saw her, I could not utter a sound,
then I walked up and held her just as I had in the past,
she put her arms around me, and said I'm home at last,
I never asked why she had left me, for me to be here alone,
I thought heaven just blessed me, and brought my woman back home,
now we have been married a long time, but it is a short time to me.

writen by Harry Bryant
7/25/02 9: 23: 49 PM �
all rights reserved

by Harry Bryant

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