(June 16th,1971 / Hull, Quebec, Canada)

She Just Opened Her Blinds

The woman who lives behind me
just opened her blinds,
she opened the blinds
of her bedroom window,
she circumambulated
around her room
for a while,

took off her top,
and put on
a new one.

She does this quite often.

If my eyesight had been better,
I probably would have gotten
a good view of her breasts.

I can’t help but see,
her window is directly behind mine.
I sit at my computer,
my window is 2 feet to the right of my head,
when her lights come on,
and her blinds go up,
it attracts my attention,
and my head turns to see.

It’s almost as if
she knows I’m here,
it’s almost as if
she wants me
to watch her,
that can’t be the case.
I don’t know if she can see me or not,
I usually work in the dark,
only the soft blue light of my computer monitor
illuminates me,

illuminates me,
only that
illuminates me,

She can’t know
that I can see her
from way over here

She’s young,
early twenties
I’d say,
quite pretty,
long, brown hair,
she’s in excellent shape,
she has a very attractive figure,
her breasts
quite large
and nicely shaped,
but, it’s hard to tell exactly,
from way over here.

I thought about
getting some binoculars,
but that seems sleazy,

I thought about
getting a video camera
a high-powered
zoom lens,
but that seems criminal.

I wonder if she knows that I can see her,
from way over here?

She can’t know,
she mustn't be able
to see me,
all the way over here,
in the relative dark
with only the soft blue light of my computer monitor
illuminating me
only that
illuminating me

I wonder how she would react
if she did know?
I wonder if she
will ever know
that I’m writing a poem
about her?

She won’t.

She might even read this poem
won’t know
it’s about her.

She’ll likely
grow old and die one day,
she’ll never know
that some weirdo poet,
some crackpot artist,
used to sit
and watch her change
her clothes.

She’ll never know that a poem
was written
about her.
Taking off her top,

All the way over there.

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Langston Hughes


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