ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

She Killed Herself Today

She forever felt like she was dying.
The doctors kept on lying.
You will be fine.
Hoping their words would come true.
But for that girl sat in the chair.
She knew it would never come true.
She knew all to well life's unfair.
They all said she would be ok.
But that girl wasn't ok.
She took her life today.

Knowing he'd got away with rape.It was to much to take.
She wished she could remove the pent up pain like tape.
All along anger strayed her heart.
And thoughts and attempts of suicide strayed mind and soul.
But this time she knew what to do.
Take the tablets that destroy her stomach.
She was warned one more od could kill or couase serioud problems.
That girl listened and it hepled her through.
For the rape had destroyed her for the last time.
Here she is looking down.
She looks with a frown.
Vowing he will pay

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