JW (9-20-92 / Dallas)

She Killed Him

From a distanced, i hear her voice
I dont want to take a chance
im going to listing to her
She is laying on the grond crying
but im too busy not paying attention
not listening to her cry her heart out
she shouldve thout about it
she shouldve been aware
i tried to tell her
i tried to tell her he's no good
laying on the floor
laying on the bloody floor
waiting for the cops to come
With a knife in his chest and
a bullet in his head
Just like that he's dead
But it was forr her own good
he was gunna rape her again
'no more' she said 'hes not doing it again'
now a 15 year old girl commits MURDER

well i dont think its murder
do u? ? ? ? ? ?

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Comments (4)

if i would of had a knife the day i was molested i would have killed the sonofabitch too. and i was only 12. i don't think it was mureder....self defense all the way.... wow brought back lots of memos..... good poem
i have been raped..multiple times and tell you the truth, if i had a knife at the time, they would all be dead.. the pain that i live with now is hard..she did the right thing
i like it. But i would of done the same thing. lol. just kidding...but it was self defense so...
Well ya she killed him but it was self defense...no one should be treated like that