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She Knows She Is In Love When......

She eagerly waits to receive his call;
Just to hear him say, "I LOVE YOU!," and that’s all. When a room is full of people and the lights aren’t dim;
And she only focuses her eyes on him. When she mentions his name in most conversations;
When he meets all of her needs and exceeds her expectations. She knows she’s in love when she begins to stop;
To listen to the sound of each rain drop. When she had listened to the singing of the birds;
And it was a different sound that she heard. She knows she is in love when in him she feels safe to confine;
The intimate and inner thought within her mind. When after a day of stress and demand;
He offers her his supporting hands. She know she is in love when their spirits reciprocates;
That each has finally met her mate. When she say’s "I LOVE YOU" and he does too;
And they set the date they say, "I DO."

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