She Knows She Is In Love When......

Poem By Vernetta Elliott Gaines

She eagerly waits to receive his call;
Just to hear him say, "I LOVE YOU!," and that’s all. When a room is full of people and the lights aren’t dim;
And she only focuses her eyes on him. When she mentions his name in most conversations;
When he meets all of her needs and exceeds her expectations. She knows she’s in love when she begins to stop;
To listen to the sound of each rain drop. When she had listened to the singing of the birds;
And it was a different sound that she heard. She knows she is in love when in him she feels safe to confine;
The intimate and inner thought within her mind. When after a day of stress and demand;
He offers her his supporting hands. She know she is in love when their spirits reciprocates;
That each has finally met her mate. When she say’s "I LOVE YOU" and he does too;
And they set the date they say, "I DO."

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Which Way Black America

Which way Black America, where do we stand?
Do we fall and crumble to ignorance, or we stand up and be men. Do we continue to develop our usable skills?
Or do we rely on drugs in a world unreal. Drugs, crime, media, prison, reform;
There is so much that’s needed to be done. We can only be as strong as our weakest link;