NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

She Lightens As She Weakens

she stands in the centre of her room,
naked, her clingflim skin streched,
over her broom resembling body
She lightens as she weakens,
such dignity in self discipline.

Swallow swallow swallow.
yet she only wants to feel hollow,
A skeleton stares into the mirror,
yet the reflection is not the giver,
of truth.
youth starved of life,
skin treated to the release of a knife.
She lightens as she weakens,

and this keeps her strong.
how can something so wrong,
feel so right.
Her once bright saucer like eyes,
now hide from the sights,
which they despise.
She walks upon snow in the winter,
and no footsteps are left behind,
she lightens as she weakens,

she is blind to the outside world.
A deep valley of a stomach,
her ribs the roots of the land,
are bursting through the taunt skin,
such beauty is self discipline.
rotting inside and out,
muted are her shouts,
floating through days,
in a painful deprived haze.
she lightens as she weakens,
even her thoughts,
can be seen through her skin,
such transparancy in self discipline

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