She'll Be A Still Life [c]

An ice princess wearing a rose petal jacket driven to
distraction by the heat she feels, cheeks glowing red
colour exploding, running away and taking up a dew-
drop string, gets rid of the rose-petal jacket and dons
a pitch black top over a snowflake blouse and hangs
the dewdrop string around her neck - then

Adds a silver rose and she's pleasantly surprised, no
more heat, feeling cool with the dewdrops glistening
around her neck, wondering when she will ever get to
wear the enticing rose petal jacket, this cold night did
not suffice, where could she wear it - never it seems,
sighing she resigns herself to the beauty of

The glittering silver transparency of crystal dewdrops,
one day she SHALL wear her favourite colours - till
then, she'll be a still life in shadow and light…

by Margaret Alice Second

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