SG (2nd October / London)

She Looked Like A Film Star

'You look like a film star', I told her
She took the compliment well
But I did not go into detail
For some things, you never must tell

Eyes not unlike Bette Davis
Huge mouth like Jerrie Hall
A nose resembling Streisand's
And she really wasn't that tall

Her tits were like Paris Hilton's
Her neck was scraggy as hell
An arse like Jennifer Lopez
And what was that God-awful smell!

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Comments (5)

Loved it! Very witty.
Short, sweet, and witty - I like it
I like it, it made me smile! Like the way you twist it round, Moyaxx
Nice bit of irony there, Gyp. Very funny. -LP
This gave me a smile. A very Forest Gump-ish smile.... -chuck