‘she Looks Into Me…’

She looks into me
The unknowing heart
To see if I love
She has confidence she forgets

by Paul Eluard Click to read full poem

Comments (26)

Together inseparable Alive alive He alive she alive And my head rolls through her dreams. great great poem written great 10++
Beautiful imagery. All we need to feel is the joy of being alive.
An excellent poem with an emphasis on feelings from the heart. Great images, however, the last line " detracts from the poem overall." Picturing a rolling head is way too vivid for my imagination. : -)
Great imagery in this poem that is illustrative of the author's love. The last line " And my head rolls through her dreams" is a bit confusing and detracts from the poem. Overall a great write. : -)
Excellent poetry. Strong and powerful imagery. Like to read again and again. So nice.
'Where are we together inseparable, Alive Alive: Poem is very creative and beautifully crafted.
Together inseparable Alive alive........here is the essence of the poem. A brilliant poem in brief by Paul Eluard is well executed.
Together inseparable Alive alive He alive she alive/// beautiful expression on the love
Falling asleep and dreaming in mutual closeness, as the poem goes its small length, the reader too tends to dream, half alive, half asleep, vaguely in dream.
Beautiful poem...expressing deep communion between lovers. Indeed, I would suggest that it exemplifies Martin Buber's notion of the I - Thou.
A very wonderful love poem. Modernly, romantic! . Very impressive and well translated. So difficult to do!
Very Beautiful poem. 'My head rolls through her dreams" doesn't allude to guillotine or I don't know what. Some people will never be able to understand metaphors, poetry and surrealism.
I just got censored! ! ! ! There is foul language all over the place in PH yet I get censored for making a reference to this sounding like an S @ M love poem. What? It was said with humor and it carried no lurid detail.... I don't believe this! ! I am going to make a copy of this.
is there something wrong with saying that this could be a love poem from a to a? ? ? we shall see if those two words go through this time
from a to a
And my head rolls through her dreams. - - - I was dreaming along with this poem until this line which hopefully resulted from a faulty translation because all I visualized was the head rolling iff the guillotine.... yikes, ... not a good ending for a love poem unless it is from a to a i
Very beautiful this poem Congratulations
Very good this poem, congratulations!
To see if i love her! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Simply the essence of eternal love. Expressed through lucid words, exposed nicely her 'not ever died look'. Nice put.