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She Lost

Her life was such that it didnt mean much to her
Life held in her delicate hands, slowly slipping away
She's losing her ground, losing her stand
Impatiently she waits, just for the end

She has lost, the will to live
She gave up searching for, her beliefs
What went wrong, nobody knows
Nobody she told,
Till the day, to the devil she sold her soul

Hatred filled her beating heart
Anger and scorn tore her apart
What would happen, only time would tell
As fury and malice befell

The ending of the story, is yet to be penned down
Where is the glory, none was around
The Lucifer stays on with her
Not too far but just quite near

The scars may heal, this time will reveal
But the pain will never fade away
It'll stay, it'll reappear again
And when that happens......

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