She Means Sex

'It fell down and broke.'
Someone said.
'It was jar, clay jar, and shattered to pieces.'

Someone laughed
He sounded like Bohlool
(The well-known crazy; with wisdom)

People came
Men gathered
And the kids; not women

Time was so
Still is
She means show and means sex

Some cleaned
Some gathered piece by piece
Some wondered: 'What was that? ' talk of sound.

Bohlool laughed with his hands under arms.

Someone turned, walked to him:
'You wise man; what was that? '
He answered as he did, wise to wise, mad for mad.

'Was its guts and wisdom; diminished, vaporized.'
Jaws fallen, in wonder
'What was that? ' man repeated question.

The reply was simple
'Wisdom goes with the dead so does guts.'
'What was that, not a jar? '

Bohlool looked with smile:
'You must read the Khayyam's.'

by Nassy Fesharaki

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