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** She My Baby! **

icing on the cupcake,
the whipped cream on the ice cream..
the chocolate on the strawberry..
She is the light in my life..

A smile could brighten up my day..
her love shines like no other..
Am I this deserving to have her?
Someone that incredible..
and amazing?

Lord above..
Thank you for sending me an angel.

I wish I could tell her all the emotions that stir me up at night..
and spill my heart out..
with blood dripping, mind twisting, heart capturing sweetness..
that blows her mind..
making her realize just how much I'm in love with her..

Details to a dime piece I wanna tell her everything and all I love bout her.
The sway, the magic.. the spark..
the things she does.. that gets in my head..
and like a maze, inseparable stuck in my mind..
falling into a stage where theres no looking bak..
yet, not wanting to..
just her heart in reach..
I want her.. I need her..
she is my baby...

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Aww I think any girl would be lucky to have you as a boyfriend! ! ! ! ! Ur so sweet. peace + love, Justina Nicole