She Opened Eternity Just In Two Minutes

Poem By Liza Sud

She opened eternity just in two minutes
And everything froze, a thought suddenly flown,
the shining of wings was lacteal severe
and Powerful Angels ascended skyward.

By Love and by their wings embracing the world,
  They brought it so quickly, maybe to the court,
  Maybe to the wonderful paradise home.
  But everyone saw: the brought somebody's soul.

She lived like a flute, she was playing her songs,
And different music she sung, and she spinned,
But tired and longing was filling her soul,
And to the eternal home sadness she breathed.

And now she lives in the hands of God's angels,
the itching of conscience ended at once,
  And sorrow and passion seem to disappeared
 The vessel remains empty without life.

From now on, she's blissful and happy in flight
  She has Rendezvous with Lord Christ the Creator,
  The whole life flashed in front of her eyes while migration,
  How many temptations of sin the world hides!

What will be with her? It will be the Lord's mercy
  That she kept inside her until the last day,
  And even the death was a dream, the dream, only
excitement before the Sky, don't take away.

some words like a small child she babbled without care.
the joy and the awe mingled in blissful mix,
  the meeting was happy as she had expected,
  she wanted to be washed again in pure spring.

And yet she was anxious, if she could upset Him,
  The most Lucent Face, while she walked in the mist?
  And didn't confess all, not all that God gave her,
  When she was in body on the earth of sins? !

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