Poem Hunter
She Panther
MR (july 1953 / Tennessee)

She Panther

Grains of Sand still time from motion,
As Moon rays pierce the cloud shadows,

An excellent, endless moonlit night
for the hunter..,

As her prey, no man is safe tonight.

She moves effortlessly
Transformed as the panther,
ultimate hunter,
Grace, and pride, confident in her eventual conquest,
She seeks fulfillment
of her eternal hunger

so deadly, her bite,

No man is safe tonight.

She, the supreme night hunter enjoying the sport of the stalk,
Her weapon of choice tonight,
An innocent smile,

As she checks her reflection in the moon lit pond, reviewing the game face….

She hunts me too, just for the sport of it,
I am fast, smart, and agile, in my own coyness….

But like all prey, running frightened..
I make the fatal mistake,
And now I am turned over,
belly up, surrendering to the supreme hunter, as
the Mouse waits for the cat to eat him

Oh yes, I too have been caught
I am now the cats’ toy,
To be put away for another nights’ dinner.

For the panther is always hungry.

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