She Passed Away With His Love In Her Tender Heart

For the young beautiful Heather it was all David.
She loved him more than her own life.

In their courtship the deadly devil creeped in
They defied him and got ready to marry to send
the devil to hell from where he came in.

The surgery, the chemo, the RT would not help
her breasts that David had held in his hands and
kissed them a million times since the day she him.

The time was running out, said the docs
She could make to the alter was one in a million shot.

Tubes carrying meds, sugar, air, salt, water from a myriad
machines to her body were rumbling, blinking at the
bedside clock where David stood with tearful eyes, taking
his vows of undying love for her in his heart...

She could hardly speak but raised her arms in the air and kissed him.
The family and friends shed tears of joy and sorrow at the same time.
The next day she passed away with his love in her tender heart...

by Ravi Kopra

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