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She Remembers Me!
(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

She Remembers Me!

Poem By Dónall Dempsey

She remembers me
when I was young

& can’t believe
the old man

...I’ve become.

“You were such fun
those curls...that smile! ”

(my smile falters with paralysis)

“And your hair is silver...? ”
she says

running her hand
through its silver

as if dazed.

I smile & say: “Thank you...
...but do I know you? ”

“I was in The Brazen Head
when you read...! ”

“...that poem about
the nightdress! ”

And then proceeds
to recite it back to me.

“But that...was 25years ago? ”
I muse aloud.

“I never forgot it! ”
“Never! ”

“Remember...I ran out
crying? ”

She kisses me.

Tells me..

“That’s for writing
that poem! ”

And then leaves me
none the wiser

as to who
she is


My poem
looking at me

in amazement.


And the poem itself..?

Crazy Loneliness Hijacks Memory Of A Beautiful Girl

Last night
I missed you so much

I made love to
your nightdress.

Now your nightdress
hides from me

slinks under covers and pillows

advoids my eyes.

I can't take another night without you!

Your nightie can't take another night with me!

I am holding your dresses hostage

threatening them with kisses...caresses

if they make one false move.

Your other clothes
tremble in the wardrobe

...come back to me!

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Aw..... this is sentimental, sad and lovely, all at the same time! HG: -) xx