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She Remembers

I forget what you said to me.
I forget the words exactly.
No. Who am I kidding?
I remember them literally.
The days we spent together.
Every day every night.
The time went so fast
But now it’s slow.
Oh, what a cliché.
It’s ridiculous.
Get on with your life
And just deal with it.
But she can’t deal with anything.
Everyone knows it.
She knows it herself.
So she doesn’t even try
To forget about anything.
She sits and she drinks
And she tries to forget
Just for a while
Just for a rest.
But I still can’t forget.
She still can’t forget.
So she just laughs.
She laughs all the time.
She laughs and she drinks.
She forgets all the time.
So the pain gets less.
The drink gets more.
But still she remembers
Remembers his words.
“I love you so much”
He said once upon a time.
But love doesn’t last
It only hurts.
The feeling just lingers,
Lingers, and lingers.
Until she’s reminded again
By words or sounds
Or scenes in films.
Relentlessly reliving
The memories between them.
So stop thinking about it.
That’s what you say to everybody right?
Hypocrite, look your dying inside.
But they don’t know
Because it’s not about them
It’s about you and him.
The love that disappeared.
That he disappeared.
He just didn’t care.
He left her alone.
And she’s still on her own
“But it’s alright, its all good”
Because it has to be alright.
But still she remembers.
Still she drinks to forget.
Still she laughs to forget
But still I remember.


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