She's A Mystery (Awdl Gywydd)

Hey, listen, do you hear that?
A voice that's seraphical,
Is singing the songs of love,
Of love which is sensual!

A mystical song she sings
And with it, she rings my name.
Listen to her flawless tones,
Even her moans are of fame.

I see her, she sits right there,
Where the vines make the archway.
A brown-haired angelic girl,
One singing as she crochets.

An angel draped in flowers,
Her face stained with innocence,
Her chaste lips and eyes giving
Inklings of her existence.

Her kiss awakens the crocus.
It is a must; it's so mild!
Akin to a gentle breeze,
Or leaves touching a child.

Her voice tells songbirds to sing,
Causing harmony between
Nightingales and canaries.
Her duties are of a queen.

Where have we entered, brother?
Brother where she stands - even
If I never share one kiss,
With this angel - is Heaven!

'Lady, I fear that I'm in love!
Love, tell me your name, will you?
Truest soul that I've yet seen,
You are a queen, am I true? '

Brother, you hear this, listen,
Listen as she speaks to me,
Her voice is like answered prayers,
And her sweet name: Mystery.

by Leslie Alexis

Comments (15)

Nice, Love it I like it
hi, Leslie.i didn.t sow ur age, but the poem is good, is rite from love, and is grait...but u have some lirycs were is not existing right ryme...and rythm..but the message of poem is very goodd
I love it its awsome. I love a man that can write some beautiful and romantic poetry.
Great! :) ... as i digested the lines i could franky imagine her, Bravo! It a divine piece indeed
Its a wonderful poem, so sweet and gracefuly written, the beauty of the poem.
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