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She's A Saint And Your A Devil
CT (4th November 1994 / Stoke Mandeville)

She's A Saint And Your A Devil

Poem By CatherineLouise Taylor

She walks around,
Trying to please everyone.
But one fine day, Her world was broke;
A girl dumped her boy-friend,
But he took it THE WRONG WAY.
He thort she blamed the saint of the world,
And thats where it all started.
He told people it was the saints fault,
And everyone turned into Devils!
They argued with her, And blamed her,
She got upset, and everyone enjoyed it.
With few people on her side,
She ran and didnt stop.
Alone and quiet she finally found home,
Snuggled on the sofa, She cried herself to sleep.

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Haa this is bout me And Jade and isaac enitt LOOL Jokaa xx LOVE yuu! ! xoxoxo