MN (11-08-1970 / )

She's Counting Down

Each day
she gives the countdown
till she turns 18
and can move out
and be on her own
and finally have her own space
and her own room.

I pretend
I’m excited with her
for her to find herself
through her independence.
I pretend to share her joy
as that day draws nearer
…now only 382 days!

She’ll be happy.
She’s a strong young woman
head on straight
good grades
no drugs or alcohol
not boy crazy
a beautiful person
inside and out.

She doesn’t know
it hurts me
when she counts those days off.
She has no idea
how I feel inside
when she squeals
with delight
at the thought
of moving away.

I’ll keep pretending.
I know
I’ve done my job well
and she will be something.
She will be productive
and successful
and independent
and she will come back.

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Lovely Mary. Be assured they always come back one way or another. Our heart break their independence. Patricia
of course the great mystery goes on, and on the urge to become the True Self and find a place in the manifoldness of the world every being must do this and too a mother's love endless and understanding the truth of self becoming real but love love binds souls together in a way thinking cannot understand anyway going and coming back the eternal return adds a bit of spice to life a great poem
Home is the imagery we always carry with us.One day you will be rewarded for your selflessness. We never get over needing those who have loved us unconditionally.. Kindest regards, Sandra Fowler
I think shw will always love and need Mary, that's the beautiful way life is.
Very good poem...don't worry she will be fine and so will you.
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