She's Eighty Three And Fading Fast

She's eighty three and fading fast,
My mother is.
A deamon lives here, a son of hers,
He is a half brother to me.

Fifty five,
And smoking crack, for thirty five year's.
He has gone through her reverse mortgage,
And most of her income each month.

His screaming and yelling causes us both
To shake,
Under duress to give him the Key's to her car.
After his last assault on me, five day's past,
A.P.I.from D.C.F.
With a female law enforcement officer came here.

At which time I discovered that her insurance hasn't
Been paid since April past of last year,
He who's on crack has known this of her, but screams
And yells to give him the keys to her town car.
And at certain times, forces her to drive over for him
To again buy crack.

She now stays in bed twenty two hours a day, while the largo
Police knowing of this,
Have as yet done nothing at all and possibly will want me to leave
Giving him unfettered access to what she has left.
She invited me here seven months ago, after my sister left with
Her own daughter out of fear of attacks from him.
What a toll that underlying mental illness has had on the whole family.

The very cause that left untreated causes most to become alcoholics,
And abuse other drug's at the heavy expense of the families.
And law enforcement here know it but are waiting for him to do something
Worse, to main and harm those of us, who care what happens to
Our mother.
She is here today and gone the other, the crack addict doesn't want her
To see her doctor,
Having not seen her since I've been here.

So remember women and men who think they are good and take no action,
When having knowledge of those being abused.
These women and men are worse than those committing the abuse!

Copyright © James McLain | Year Posted 2018

by James McLain

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