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She's Gone

The case is packed, no more to say
No fond farewells, no written note
A train to catch, a taxi first
And to the station, here I go
I’m on my way
Adventure looms
It’s daunting, yes, exciting too
I’m feeling brave, a little scared
But what the heck, I am nineteen
There’s nothing here, but broken dreams
A fine romance comes to an end
I rap the job, give up the flat
I’m on my way, away from that
And you …………….
The reason I must go, or not
I step aboard the London train
I find a seat that’s forward facing
I do not wish to look behind
Or turn to give a backward glance
I watch the passengers come and go
And on the platform, one young man
Arms outstretched to welcome her
As she approaches, he enfolds
From this day forward, to have and hold
I’m interrupted from this scene
To help a woman with her case
And do you mind if I sit here
Oh No, of course, I gesture there
Oh, please don’t speak
I need some time, to find my thoughts
I’m travelling blind, no home, no work
And where tonight, where would I sleep
I’ll think of that when I arrive
So just sit back, enjoy the ride
And if all else fails, there’s Auntie Jeans’
The train moves off, I’m on my way
A brand new life, streets paved with gold
Just seven hours, five hundred miles
From you …………..

by Linda Harnett

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