She's Like A River

As I gaze
in every angle
I cannot resist.
The warm appearance
caught my attention.
The silent flow
it seems alluring,
calm yet so deep.

6th May 2008

by Jazlle D. H.

Comments (13)

love your small poems like this one..few words and few lines but you do a long story and issue discussed inside.. well done... I really enjoyed this one and read few times to feel and enjoy it...really a great piece of poem..with rich idea...10+++++++++
This poem says so much in so few words. Well done, Tango.
Wow! That is a wonderful metaphor. You accomplish the seemingly impossible for me. I find it very difficult to express myself in such few words. This poem is beautiful! You are very talented in your work.
Small is beautiful, u proved it.
Short, but a very nice piece regards Tom
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