She's Pregnant

She's pregnant
with her past
having slept with
the ghost
all night in the bed.

Dark so was the the night
drunk was the room
closed're the doors and windows
sleeping with her dear ghost
she's pregnant.

For her
the ghost smelt
like Arabic perfume
for her
she felt everything
of the ghost
but rhyming delight.

Everything rest
was rust and unjust
but never was the ghost
She got pregnant
with her past
sleeping with the ghost.

Night no longer lasted
no longer did the darkness
no longer appears the ghost
to share her agony and anger
With lust she' is lost
She is lost
She loves the ghost no longer
no longer wants to
remember the past
with the past
She's pegnant
Soon she goes to bear
another ghost, must
As she is pregnant
sleeping with the ghost.

by Binaya Kumar Mohanty

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