MW (24-07-1967 / waalwijk netherlands)

She's Ready...

Here she comes
her brave con-caves
the shining pillars
meet the ground
and make a sound
she nicks her knaves
perplexes with
her con-vexes
shining eyes
and light from silk
a lady from a milky-
way so far from here
a tiger dressed to
eat, the rhythm of
her glancing feet
the beat of
every guy his heart
she passes bye
deep in their throat
the women's jealousy
just watch her growing
a pedestrian with grove
glowing on the move
to hit the road
in ecstasy
better watch now
if you can
this only takes a while
; it is a woman's smile.

Madrason for H, 10 nov 2014

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Rudyard Kipling


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