She's Still Being Tough

Poem By Samarah Essler

Shes close to drowning in her tears,
shes sick of waiting after all these years,
shes trying to think of something to do,
she can't help thinking she won't make it through,
shes scared to the bone,
shes always alone,
she cries so much,
shes waiting for the right touch,
shes wondering when her pain will end,
she needs some one like a really good friend,
she thinks maybe she could do better,
shes falling apart but shes trying to keep it together,
theirs so many thoughts runnig through her mind,
she just needs to settle down she needs to unwind,
her thinking isn't clear,
all she dose is fear,
its hard for her to believe,
that maybe her pain will leave,
her eye sights not the best,
she needs to get some rest,
shes not been able to sleep,
her worring is way to deep,
but out of all of this shes still being tough,
even know her life is so rough.

Comments about She's Still Being Tough

Its style is that of a ballade, has musicality and originality. This poem expresses a feeling of restlessness and fear, but not only...

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