She's The Farthest

In mornings, when everything is as fresh as dew drops,
I found her staring in the farthest of all horizons,
It wasn't such a sight, but her eyes reflects reality,
And there is nothing as beautiful as the naked truth.

She used to succumb to an infectious laughter,
As the beautiful crystals fell from her eyes,
Racing hungrily to reached her soft rosy cheeks,
And hugged her stomach in ached after a good laugh.

Long gone were my jolly little girl, and her laugh?
Oh, her laugh, is a mixture of pain and distrust,
She looked at the world like a thief at night, one,
That rips off innocence and truthfulness.

I could not fathom the depths of her anger,
Nor could I understand the truth of her happiness,
She smiles like she was never in all shades of pain,
She cries like she lost all that she is and more.

Nonetheless, despite the facade she shows the world,
And the emptiness and self-loathing disgust,
She cannot deny the truth that binds her, that she,
Took one step away from herself, she's the farthest.

by Ida Faye

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