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She's The Girl
PS (November 11th,1987 / Las Vegas)

She's The Girl

Poem By Patrick Shields

She puts on her very favorite outfit
Knowing she gets to see her man again
She try's it on to make sure it still fits
She's waited almost two years to see him

Two years since she's tasted his lips
Since she's held him in her arms
So afraid that again she'll lose it
Even though he's promised to do her no harm

He's on a plane only about an hour away
She puts on his favorite purfume she owns
She's been counting the hours till this day
Because she knows this man will never leave her alone

She applys her black eyeliner to her hazel eyes
Than she puts on her mans favorite makeup
She pulls out his pictures knowing he'll never tell her a lie
She kisses it also knowing that they'll never break up

It's almost time she starts drving to they airport
Listening to a CD that he made for her long ago
To her he's her only reason for living her system of support
As she gets closer its feels like time has slowed

She see's him smiling and he see's her too
For so very long he's waited for her in line
She embraces him and tell him I love you
Finally this beautiful girl is actually mine

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