She's Told It's A Lie! !

She sits in the corner,
Refusing to speak
As the world pushes in on her
She lets out a shriek

Every way she turns
She’s pushed this way and that
There’s no let up
In this world where she’s fat

She’s told that she’s lying
So she sits down and cries
Refusing to speak
In case she’s told it’s all lies

But then the world changes
She’s at fault once again
Now she’s destroying,
The life that’s within

She can’t win in this world
It can’t agree what’s right
Whichever she chooses
She’s in for a fight

She asks her best friends,
Those that she trusts
And they tell her to speak
But her voice is full of rust

She knows if she speaks
She’ll get told it’s all lies
But she has a go
She gives it a try

And as she expected
The world turns around
And tells her she’s lying
There’s no hope to be found

So she returns to her corner
Sits there alone
And cries tears in heaven
As the world around her groans.

by Becky Ginn

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cruel idiotic world where one needs inner strength and character to survive. believe in oneself and that's enough. the world can go die..