JL (March 19,1994 / California)

She's Waiting At The Subway Station

back and forth we swing forever
let's pray the ropes will never sever
we've had our ups and downs
we've forgotten how peace sounds
heart like red roses
there's a petal for every thorn
though I must warn you
if I get torn, then you get torn

the errors of the past, I let them slide
but I have more than my love to hide
by the time you begin to wonder about it
you won't be able to live without it

well she's waiting at the subway station
so obviously it's too late to take it back
maybe she's attending her own funeral
because you're both crying, dressed in black
I apologize for ruining
this touching and dramatic ending
to what might have been true love
but that's not what my concerns consist of

don't touch her again, it'll make it harder
if you tell her the truth, it'll make her smarter
so lay down the facts and see how it turns out
make it fast, before her patience burns out

you crossed your heart and hoped to die
so why are you still alive?

even if you're feeling hallow
you know this time that she won't follow
the cold wind blows away
what hope you had that she would stay
you wish that she could be yours again
you wish that she would return again

but I know if that were me
there'd be nothing left to see

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