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ME (8-11-93 / illions)


Poem By Morgan Ederer

she stole my heart, they
say love is agame but
its hard to play shes
showed me a way to
get by i know i can
shes the only one
for me i think about
her all the time i try
not to say good-bye
when she calls i cry
to get off the phone
ill never feel the
same again about
someone shes the
only love i know
and i hope she
doesnt leave me
like all the others
i cry when im
without her you
call it obsession
i call it love
me and her
are what everyone
envy we may not
be together but
we've got eachother
i love her but i dont
know how to tell her
the words i say id have
to repet millions of times
just to mean it as much
as i do cos i love her
and thats the truth and
shes the only one for me
im a loner when shes
not apart of me

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