This piece of hardwood, cunningly shaped,
was curved so evenly while piccaninnies gaped
at a Warrior who chipped at it with pieces of flint,
and formed it by meticulous dint upon dint.
Outside his wurly he sat beside a tree,
and chipped at it patiently for hours - not for me,
but to kill the Wallaby in the rocky pass,
to kill the fat wild Turkey hiding in the grass.

by Rex Ingamells

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This marriage sounds familiar. Not mine but of two members of my family. I often wonder why people stay in these sorts of marriages. Maybe, as Patricia says, they enjoy the cat fights! But surely it must feel claustrophobic and suffocating? And a living death? Or is it misplaced loyalty? I found the last line of the poem revealing, in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way. Love, Fran xx
This is quite a predicament to say the least, I hope that you can find peace in all this, somehow, somewhere, and with no pain to get there Love duncan X
My X used to say sweet death can not come to soon, so after contemplating I decide his death should be... replaced with Funny though he still is trying, guess he misses the cat Thanks for the reminder, I did enjoy this read.
Oh Dear Michael, what a strained picture you paint, I am a smart arse poetic lost for words! The title is too long, how about 'Long suffering Husband On Death Row.'? lol just jesting Tai