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She Said To Me

She said to me you silly bloke your ego needs to be deflated
Just with the minor doggerelists suppose you can be rated
Your minor fame will die with you like the flowers of December
And the many rhymes that you composed none will care to remember.

You silly bloke she said to me you may write with a passion
But your antiquated sort of rhyme for today seems out of fashion
You lack the depth of feeling in your words your rhymes are far too simple
When compared to the poetic gems you are a poetic pimple.

The Goddess of Nature that you dream about will surely live without you
And birds will sing when you have died and none to talk about you
You've been insulting to my God and to hell you he will banish
And into the depths of oblivion forever you will vanish.

As poets go I'll have you know you are a second rater
You insult my hero the Prime Minister Mr Howard yet than him is there greater?
For your belittling of the ruling class you anger me how dare you?
And for your abusive way with words my god he will not spare you.

She said to me you awful man the fires of hell for you are waiting
And you will not be one of those that the future generations
will be celebrating
You are a doggerelist little else and none will care to write your story
And you will die just like your rhymes the poets will know the glory.

by Francis Duggan

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