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She Said Yes
CB (May 3,1962 / United States)

She Said Yes

Poem By Charlotte Ballard

She said yes
To the man with
The soft brown eyes
Who had whispered
Her name even as he
Groaned with passion
Moving above her.

She said yes
To the house
Picked out by another
Her mother by law,
Her father by marriage
Still, it was a house
To be owned together.

She said yes
When the doctor told
Her to push, and she
Did push until the squalling
Child hushed pink on her

She said yes
To the years that came
With children grown
And ‘let me have the car,
Please’, and ‘can I have
A twenty, too? ’

She said yes
When the leaves fell
On the grave of her Husband,
Knowing only his
Shell laid there, that he
With the brown eyes that
Lay soft, were not closed there
But had gone, gone before.

She said yes
When her heart skipped
A beat before stopping
altogether -

And she said yes, when
The brown eyed man
Held out his hand to her
To bring her to heaven.

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