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She Says….
AS ( / Pune)

She Says….

She says she’s gonna go
And leave the memories to unwind
What’s of me that she carries with her?
Is as much as she’s gonna leave behind.

Then she walks a distance...
And tells me that she’ll stay with me
Always there to clasp my hand and walk a mile
But then why this separation do I see?

We walked the shore and she pointed the waves
And I thought I was the shore where she meets
Joyous of the triumph and her companionship
Even today my heart pounds those lovely beats.

The sun set and lady night dwarfed our shadows
For we were just a soul going the same way
She took my hand in her mine and wept

And I thought I knew what she’s gonna say.
Distances may separate us today
But then we have to bear this evil pain
Life is full of surprises…
And we part only to meet again.

Even now I am standing alone in my world
Thinking of the love and hope that she spread
Of all the things I have learnt in life
I cherish the most of what she said.

She says she’s gonna go…
But she never shall ‘coz she’s my life and only death shall us ‘part.

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