She Says She's Sorry

She said she's sorry
But the reasons lay unknown
A couple thoughts engulf my mind
While I lay in bed alone
Is she sorry for the way
She treated me in the past?
Never giving us the chance
To have something that could last
Or perhaps she's sorry
For the feelings she has not
The fire once ablaze
Now no longer hot
Or maybe she's sorry
That she ignored me when she did
Still holding on to feelings
That are close but not yet dead

She's may be sorry
But my eyes see sorrow well
Everyday I feel sorry
This regret's a living hell
All the times I had the chance
But was always to shy
To make my move on you
And that regret will never die
So here alone I lay
Torn from my regret
And wherever she may lay
I hope she loves me yet

by Patrick Coombe

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