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She Shall Bring Forth A Child (Epistle 1)

O'GOD OF ISRAEL, bring forth this child speedily.
Make haste to help me, behold I acknowledge you in all my paths.
Direct my steps. I have commited this pregnancy to your care.
I wait patiently for you to deliver this child.
The word says you will establish my thoughts, so be it unto me
as you have said. This calling is of you, ministering to the troubled
spirits of women, the lost, the dying, the abused and forsaken souls.

There is a burning desire to push, push, push
Despite all my pushing I can't expel it.
It's time for a C-section, the bag of waters have ruptured.
The pain has me curled in a ball, It has been a long hard labor.
The epidural has been administered, yet there remains a great pressure. This child I can feel it's movement inside of me, but I long
to see it, hold it, bond with it, love it and nurture it.

This child is a ministry of love!

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