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She Shall Bring Forth A Child (Epistle 2)

I liken this vision unto a child anticipated. A woman who was barren
but found hope. Just as Sarah in the bible found hope in GOD.
I've seen the ultrasonic views of this child. Beautiful and comely,
full of promise. It's eyes are the hearts and souls of women
forsaken, abused, battered and left to die.

It's nose is the expectation of revival, It's mouth are the silent cries,
secret sorrows of women with heavy hearts.
It's arms are comprised of hard labor. All the love given to the
destroyer. No love or appreciation was reciprocated.
It's belly rotund, hardened and distended.

Filled with the unsavory meals served by enemies.
Gourmet dishes of the cruel and reprobate.
It's legs have walked aimlessly in search of refuge from horrific
encounters, seeking rest but finding none.

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