She Thought.

'He stood there like a young Greek God, ' she thought.

'He, standing there like a young Greek God, looked muscular, sexy and intelligent, ' she thought.

'He, standing there like a young Greek God, looking sexy muscular and intelligent, is bulging like a horse beneath the towel, ' she thought.

'He, young, Greek, God, sexy, muscular, intelligent, bulging like a horse is taking his time, is smiling, is torturing me, ' she thought.

“He young, Greek, long, hard, strong, mounts me, fires his throbbing boa constrictor into me, God, sexy, muscular, intelligent, slavemaster, young, Greek, stable-job, steady-income, pumping like a mad Italian piston into me, ' she thought.

'Omigod, Greek, young, muscular, sexy, intelligent, black slave, drives a yellow Ferrari, long, strong, proud, clean, He, banging banging, hot thick, rooooaaars like an engine, shiver shiver shiver, Greek, young, hard, shiver shiver shiver,

Oh God Oh God, now, now, now! ' she thought.

“That's the problem with her:
She thinks too much, ” he thought.


by Simmon Tan

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