She Too Had A Reason To Cry.

She wept, the mother,
Daughter's marriage was a hybrid.
By the current levels
No more than a sudden pin prick!

Yet she wept, the mother,
The sudden sweep she couldn't bear.
From under her feet
Sands eroded in a fleet.

She wept, the mother,
She had duly forewarned.
Daughter did not bother,
She replied: I have finally resolved.

With just two witnesses
The daughter completed the process.
The world congratulated her and said:
'Really a marvelous achievement! '.

She still wept, the widowed mother,
She felt a deep torment.
Is love so blind and deaf
Or her daughter so inclined and adamant?

Did her tears have any tenor,
Only a tuppence the parental care meant?
Was her daughter carried away by storms
what the society considered concurrent norms?

Love, marriage, dating, and sex,
The mother in her could not reconcile.
Decades were painting a soft dream,
She too had a reason to cry and scream.

31st July 2017

by Ravi Panamanna

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A nice poetic imagination, Ravi. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks