A Quiet End

I stay hidden, away from the world.
Unseen, unheard of.
No one is here, and no one can find me.
I will stay, as my life is taken.
And I notice, I'm left alone.
I wonder if someone will find me.
My body is getting as cold as stone.
I wonder, what is wrong with me?
I lay on the ground, looking at the sky.
These clouds are only dark above me.
I will stay here, as I slowly die.
Its starting to get hard to see.
Now that I'm lost, you won't have to care.
Now that I'm dead, you don't have to worry.
Now that I'm sleeping, you don't don't have to find me.
Now that I'm gone, you won't know I loved you.

by Kathy Liu

Comments (8)

The bleeding, the healing keeps one going. A very touchy poem.
Nice write that leaves a reader with a lot to think about....so thought provoking
she is always emptying and it is all the same wound the same blood the same breaking. a very fine poem.. thank u dear poetess. tony
Even as I'm wet with tears and my heart bleeds Even as I break free from the cage that imprisoned me And breathe flames of protest and fury in poeted words And I have regrouped and think I'm healed The breaking will come again By and by. (Never mind. My take.) It's imagery and emotion packed and beautiful. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
The struggle and the chaos of creation Well said.
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